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With the Platte River Trail running right beside the campus and local businesses just minutes away, the Denver area offers great connecting trails to ride your bike.  Now you just need to know where to store it...

Bicycle Permits:

(No Charge)

We require that you register your on-campus bicycle. Registration is free, and it allows us to identify the owner and confirm that the owner is still on campus. Stop by the front desk in the COG office (first office to your right in the Anita Graber Administration Building), register your bike and get a bicycle sticker. Stolen bikes have been able to be returned to the owner because they were registered and had DenSem bike stickers.  

We dispose of abandoned bicycles regularly. Bikes left behind by past residents will be disposed of, as well as any unregistered bikes that appear to be abandoned (flat tires, rusted chains off the sprocket, etc.).


Bicycle Shed:

The winter weather here in Colorado can take a toll on your bike. We offer students the opportunity to ensure your bicycles are safe and protected in a storage shed space. The rental fee is $20 per semester or $30 for the year per bicycle. Please see Pam Dill at the front desk of the Anita Graber Administration Building if you are interested in a renting storage space. Each semester the openings go fast. You can always get on the waiting list if the bike shed is full and we’ll notify you when there is an opening.

Safety & Security:

Always lock your bicycle with a good U-bar bike lock.  If you use a chain, one that is at least 12mm thick will delay thieves the longest.  Bicycles should be locked around the bike frame to a bicycle rack when on campus.  If off campus, lock your bike to a substantial object such as a telephone pole, sturdy sign, or lamppost when a bicycle rack is not available.  Register your bike with the Campus Operations Group in the Anita Graber Administration Building so that your bike is not identified as abandoned.  Your bike could then be impounded and/or donated to charity.  Help us keep your property safe by using the appropriate locks and following these safety procedures.