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At DenSem we welcome families and kids! In order to keep everyone safe, here are some safety standards that we strongly encourage you to follow.  Thanks for your help in making DenSem’s campus secure, nurturing & comfortable for all who live here.

• Parents are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times, and are expected to instruct them to respect people and Seminary property. Respect includes not bullying other children.

• Children under 8 years old must have a supervising adult, visibly present, with them at all times. Children 8 to 12 years old must have a supervising adult present and readily accessible within the apartment complex.

• Children may be supervised by an adolescent 12-16 as long as there is an adult (18 or older) on site (in an apartment) to supervise if a need should arise. The adolescent must have a full understanding of their responsibility for the child's safety and behavior, and the adolescent's and child's parents must have agreed on terms of the supervision. Adolescents 16 years or older, verifiable with a valid driver's license, may supervise a child free from on-site adult supervision.

• A playground is located between buildings one and two. The playground is designed for school-aged children, ages 5-12. All children must be supervised by an adult.

• In consideration of the noise from the playground and residents living in apartment buildings 1 and 2, the playground will close at 8pm.

• Children in the Community Room must have a supervising adult present at all times.

• Children are never to play in the parking lots, streets, roads or commercial campus buildings.

• When not in use, all play equipment (riding toys, wagons) and strollers must be put away.