In our career services section you'll find tons of information that will help you during your search for the job that aligns with the goals God has put on your heart & in your path.

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Career Resources
In order to get the job you want, we'll give you tips on how to compile your resume, write a cover letter, network, develop interview skills, and understand how to negotiate job offers. Different industries require and look for different things, so you can tailor your application materials and prepare yourself for interactions appropriate to the unique industry in which you are seeking to work.
Our career services resources are a crash course to help increase your knowledge of skills in all these areas. Check out the links in the navigation below to begin exploring resources developed specifically for seminary students.

Meet with experts to help focus your search & craft your message.

View best practices for seeking a new job.

Learn how to best represent yourself and your skills.

Interview Skills
& Etiquette

Full & part-time positions

in Colorado, all over the U.S. & internationally.

Student Employment

Part-time positions to help

financially as you

finish up your degree.