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When in negotiation conversations, sometimes the salary range cannot be adjusted, but you would still like to reach a compromise. In these situations consider that there is additional value gained in the benefits package or "perks" of the job. There may be flexibility in these offerings, or at least the opportunity to have a conversation about adding certain elements to the benefits package in lieu of a salary increase.

The Standards: Health, Dental & Life Insurance

You may see some cost savings as you compare these types of individual/family plans to what you're currently receiving and paying. You may also be able to negotiate an increase in the level of coverage you're offered.

Moving Expenses

Some organizations budget for these expenses and will often provide you with a lump sum you can use as you deem appropriate. If you do the actual move yourself, it's likely you will have additional cash in hand as a result.

Transitional Housing Costs

If your position is at a high enough level, the hiring organization may entertain paying for your rent for two or three months while your home is being sold so that you can move to the new place of business.

Signing Bonus

This can be appealing to the employer as it's a one-time payment that doesn't impact the actual salary. Depending on company policy, a signing bonus may be given in lieu of providing moving and/or housing expenses. Always confirm that the signing bonus is "trued up," which means that the amount you're quoted is your net sum and that taxes have already been removed.

Expense Account

It may be the case that the organization would pay for work related meals and coffee appointments, or items like books, conferences, etc., that contribute to your professional development. You may even have the privilege to keep some items you purchase (like books).

Additional PTO

When salary can't be increased, perhaps your paid time off (PTO) can be. If you have a particular level of experience at another organization and have earned these extra days in your present job, many organizations have come to respect and recognize that candidates may be hesitant to surrender these vacation days they've built up in their current/previous position.

Reduced or Flexible Work Hours

Perhaps you may be permitted to leave work early on Fridays, or be allowed to leave for a personal meeting or take off a half-day and not have these count against your PTO. Maybe you can work from home on certain days of each week, or come in late from time to time. Be sure that you understand the corporate culture before asking for these considerations. Employers may not respond favorably if these kinds of accommodations are not already part of their culture. Also, if a particular benefit has not been brought up during the interview, it's best to wait until you've demonstrated your value to the organization before approaching your boss to request these kinds of perks.

Guaranteed Cost of Living Increases

While the proposed salary may not be flexible, perhaps you can be promised a specific percentage increase to your salary at specific intervals. As with all other promised arrangements, it's wise to get this arrangement in writing.

Continuing Education of Professional Development

Some organizations have tuition reimbursement programs. Depending on the organization's policies, this may not be provided until after a predetermined time frame, but you can ask for a formal exception. Furthermore, you may be offered a budget to cover the cost to attend a conference or training each year for your professional development.

Technology Reimbursement

Some organizations provide personal electronic devices (PEDs) and allow employees to use company phones for personal use. These kinds of arrangements will save you money on your personal phone costs. A monthly stipend may also be provided to cover your PED usage. Some organizations allow employees to keep or purchase discounted work computers as they are phased out, and/or allow employees to use work computers for personal use.

Company Vehicle

Depending on the level of your position, you may have the option of being issued a company car or to reimburse mileage for your personal vehicle.

Company Product Discounts

Often companies will provide free and/or a cost reduction for company products. If you are currently employed in an industry that sells products/services, this benefit can help improve your personal bottom line, as your personal use of the product/service you're promoting can be influential toward potential customers.