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Given the fact that we are practicing social distancing, we've created a list of counselors who can connect through teleconferencing. Keep checking back as we will be amending this page regularly to give you the most up to date information!

This page has been updated in the last several months to reflect the changes happening around us. Please check back regularly as we will continue to update it to best meet the needs of our student body.


Below is a list of area counselors and therapists who are offering sessions through telehealth during COVID-19.  Some of them provide their services at a discounted rate for Denver Seminary students, and some do not at this time.   We also recognize that cultural background can play a significant role in the therapeutic relationship, so we have created a separate list of area counselors of color.  Some of these therapists identify as Christian and some do not.  Within these documents you’ll find the names of the counselors as well as their area(s) of expertise.  The rate is variable and contingent on each counselor's respective scale, so please refer to the list for more information about pricing.


You can review these lists to determine which counselor you think would be a good fit and then contact them directly.  Each counselor will be able to tell you if they have availability.  If a counselor would like to verify your connection to the Seminary, please encourage them to contact directly to provide verification on your behalf.  


In providing this list, Denver Seminary is not giving medical advice, making referrals, or issuing recommendations about individual area providers included on the list.  The Seminary encourages each person to make their own decisions about whether a provider is a good fit and can offer the particular services needed.


Please let us know if you have any questions about this process by emailing us at