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Job Offers

Receiving a job offer can be very exciting, but it is also a time to carefully consider and weigh your options. Whether you desire to negotiate salary and benefits, or simply are deciding whether to say "Yes" to a given opportunity, the topics below can help guide you through these processes.


When and How To Have Negotiation Conversations

Once a position has been offered to you, there will be a conversation about remuneration. Here are some tips on doing so in a respectful, reasonable, and non-aggressive way.


Evaluating a Job Offer

You will definitely be evaluated in the application and interview process, and it is important for you to do your own evaluation of the organization. If they want you to join the team, how will you know if you want to join them?

Adding Value Through Benefits

When a salary for the position is set and not negotiable, sometimes value can be added in the form of additional benefits. Here is a list alternative options you might choose to request.