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If you are worried about money, with student loans, debts, and budgets in mind, Denver Seminary offers free, in-house, personal financial counseling to all students. An advisor will help you work through questions like: What are some options besides loans to fund seminary? How do my loans affect my future? And, What can I expect my income to be when I graduate? For more information, contact Dan MacLeay via email or phone, 303-909-1603, or visit his blog on this very subject for more insight and information.


Christopher Gilmore from Farmers Insurance, a local Christian branch, wants to offer free consultations for all Denver Seminary students. Upon meeting with Christopher or any staff at Farmers Insurance, they will bring in resources not only from Farmers but also other companies with differing specialties, and will provide only the highest quality advice to the students at Denver Seminary. With their staff desiring to help the future ministers of the gospel, they want to give excellent advice on things like liability insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance to help better equip the work of the ministers later on. Walk to their office or set up an appointment to learn more about insurance information. Contact Christopher Gilmore by email or phone 303.796.8118.