Interview Skills & Etiquette

We know this isn't your first job interview, but below you'll find some additional information we'd like to offer to help you do your best. We suggest you read through the following tips & suggestions so you'll be as prepared as possible to be a competitive job candidate!


Common Interview Questions

Although you can't know the specific questions that will be asked during the interview, it is wise to prepare answers for the most common interview questions.


How to Reduce Anxiety During an Interview

Interviews can provoke stress and anxiety, so it is important to learn how to minimize anxiety and cope with it as you step into an interview.


Interview Etiquette

Interviews, just like other social situations, have a specific etiquette that should be followed in order to have a successful time with your interviewer. It is important to know ahead of time how best to conduct yourself so that your manners will communicate professionalism.


Ministry & Nonprofit Interviews

Ministries and nonprofits have spiritual and personal elements in the interview process, which other organizations may not have. These interviews are often more in-depth and focused on an applicant's faith, personal life, values, and beliefs.


Phone & Video Interview Etiquette

Phone and video interviews may not bring on the same level of anxiety as an in-person interview, but they are still important interviews which will affect your candidacy. Technology is a unique medium for an interview, and requires different preparation.


Hiring Manager's Hunting List

There are common themes that all hiring managers look for. Knowing these ahead of time can help you get a leg up on the competition by being better prepared.


Interview Process Checklist

As you prepare for an interview it is very reassuring to know that you've done all you can to be ready. This resource is a checklist that can help you prepare everything as you make that first step.


Researching the Organization

Although preparing for your personal presentation is assumed before an interview, researching the organization and the individuals interviewing you gives you the chance both to assess and learn about the company. Interviews are a two-way street; come ready to ask questions yourself.