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There are many types of jobs listed here for current students & graduating students such as campus jobs with flexible hours, ministry residencies to gain valuable experience & full/part-time listings located in the community.
On-Campus Employment


Employment opportunities for students range from work-study positions in Admissions or the library to the campus security or set-up crew teams. Hours are flexible and pay is competitive. 

On-campus jobs offer flexible hours with your school schedule and flexible vacation to work around your life as a student!

Ministry Residencies


Work at a local church or nonprofit for an hourly wage and also get 10% off of your tuition. 

Gain valuable ministry experience to add to your resume and make contacts in the church community.



Employers from all over the Denver metro area post job openings on Denver Seminary's job board. Sorted by industry, you can find full- and part-time positions in specific skill areas like care-giving, youth ministry, the service industries, accounting, counseling, and so much more!