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Biblical Mutuality DMin Research Study

Updated: Mar 9

Hello, my name is Sue Bailey.

I am a graduate of Denver Seminary and currently pursuing my Doctor of Ministry. In partial fulfillment of this degree, I am conducting a research project on the topic of civil or dignified dialogue. More specifically, I am interested in discovering what Denver Seminary students’ experiences are of practicing dialogue around the topic of biblical mutuality.

This research will be conducted during the spring semester of 2020 on the Denver Seminary campus, and I am inviting YOU to participate!

I am looking for individuals with diverse views on the subject of biblical mutuality. I need both those who lean toward an egalitarian view and those that are more complementarian in their beliefs. Having a spectrum of views at the table is paramount to this study. This is not a forum to change your mind, though change does happen, but rather an opportunity to learn more about the subject and practice the lost art of civil or dignified dialogue.

This is YOUR opportunity to sit at the table with brothers and sisters, some of whom you may strongly disagree, and practice speaking, listening, and engaging in thought-provoking conversation, civilly.

What leader does not need to master the skill of civil of dignified dialogue?

Participation in this research will require:

· participating in ten, 50-minute fun small group discussions on campus (lunch and/or snacks will be provided each week)

· writing a 5 to 7 page reflection paper at the end of the group discussions (an outline will be distributed early to make this process easy)

Advantages and benefits of participation include:

· incentives – lunch and/or snacks provided at each discussion; concluding celebration for participants; and a $50 gift certificate to Starbucks or a local restaurant (Breck Brew)

· opportunity to learn more and engage in meaningful dialogue about this subject

· satisfaction of being part of something important!

Action steps: If you would like to be considered as a participant in this research project:

1) Please note below your first and second choice for group discussions. Being able to attend both will increase the likelihood of involvement.

Group A _______Mondays, 12-12:50 pm Group B _______Thursdays, 12-12:50 pm

2) Fill out the three forms in the Research Packet (biographical, mutuality assessment, and

consent form) and bring the entire packet to the front desk of the Student Resource

Department. To ensure privacy, your application/packet will be kept in a sealed envelope.

Due date for participation application forms: Friday, January 31, 2020, at 3:00 p.m.

Those chosen for the study will be notified by email no later than Thursday, February 6, 2020, and assigned to one of two groups. Discussions will begin the week of February 10, 2020.

Thank you for your willingness to participate in this important study.

Your voice matters!

*You can pick up a packet at the SLEM Office on the first floor of the Graber Building.

*Contact Sue Bailey with questions at