Need Work? Here are positions that are hiring right now!

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

*Denver Seminary does not endorse any of these companies directly. This is just a helpful collection to get you going in the job search! We highly recommend going to Denver Seminary's Job Board to find relevant positions for your career path.


Here are jobs that are hiring locally in the Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Englewood neighborhoods!

For more information or to read the entire article, go to Companies Are Still Hiring During COVID-19—Here Are 71 That Want Your Applications Now.


Here are some FREE job search resources & companies with positions you can do directly from home! Some may require specialized training, but scroll down to find all skill level positions...

  • Indeed | Social media manager or Web designer

For more information or to read the entire article, go to 10 Online Jobs for Students that You Can Turn into a Career or a Business from Home.


These websites host companies that hire college/grad students part-time and can turn into full-time positions.

  • Outsourcely | customer support, data entry, project managers, virtual assistants & email marketers

  • | developers, customer service representatives, designers, sales professionals & editors

  • Remotive | software development, customer service, product development

  • Textbroker | writers looking for gig work in content marketing, including work for corporations, small- business owners, e-commerce & social media

For more information or to read the entire article, go to Websites To Find Work From Home Jobs Hiring During The COVID-19 Crisis

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