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How Wide the Divide: A Mormon & an Evangelical in Conversation (Blomberg)

Updated: Mar 9


Just before Fran and I left for our British sabbatical, I received word from IVP that the book I co-authored with then BYU professor Stephen Robinson in 1997 entitled How Wide the Divide? A Mormon and Evangelical in Conversation was at long last being allowed to go out of print. There were only about 25 or 30 unsold copies and, unless I wanted to purchase them at half-price they would be destroyed.

Not wanting to be an accomplice to bibliocide, I promptly bought the lot of them. If you would like to give me anywhere from $0-5, I would love to pass them on to people who might be interested. This was the book that began the twenty year Mormon-Evangelical Dialogue that has occurred semi-annually from 2000-2020 under the leadership of Rich Mouw, former President of Fuller Seminary and Robert Millet, retired BYU professor and Richard L. Evans chairholder and chair of the department of religious studies.

If you would like a copy, please email me to that effect and I will put one in the campus mail for you. If you feel led to give me a few dollars in return, that’s great; if not, I won’t be keeping track of who does and who doesn’t.

For more information contact:

Craig Blomberg