"See Something, Say Something."

Should I Report?

Your involvement is essential to the prevention of crime on campus. Disinterest and complacency are the prime contributors to a criminal’s success. Help us share the burden of keeping everyone safe by recognizing and immediately reporting incidents of suspicious or criminal activity, no matter how insignificant you think they may be. The extent of your cooperation will greatly influence the Denver Seminary Security Team’s effectiveness in combating suspicious activity and potential crime.

What is Suspicious Activity?

The following activities are considered suspicious and should be reported. 1) Someone attempting to enter a building, residence or vehicle without proper access. 2) Body language suggesting someone being watched or followed. 3) Transactions conducted from vehicles, especially near schools or parks. 4) One or more persons sitting in a parked car closely scanning an area. 5) A person seemingly forced into a vehicle. 6) An individual displaying unusual mental or physical symptoms. 7) Unusual noises, including gunshots, screaming, fighting sounds, barking dogs or anything suggesting foul play, danger or illegal activity.

Emergency Contacts: New Denver Seminary Security Phone Number

Program emergency phone numbers into your cell phone, especially our Denver Seminary Security number, 303-961-1184. Also, list your important emergency contact numbers and information in your wallet, planner, or backpack if you carry one. Plan ahead and help those who want to help you in an emergency.

Contact Denver Seminary Security at 303-961-1184 immediately if you see suspicious activity, witness a crime or feel threatened. Call 911 for emergencies, then call seminary security. Remember: “If you see something, say something!”

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