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Interested in making a difference in the student experience at Denver Seminary?

Find out more about the Student Leadership Board!

What is the Student Leadership Board?

The Student Leadership Board (SLB) is a group of students who function as an extension of the Student Life Department for the benefit of the seminary and its students. The goal of the SLB is to enrich the lives of the student body through determining which problems persist in the student community, and then creating programming and providing resources to address these gaps. The Student Leadership Board is a chance to make a difference in the lives of students and effect the student experience!

  • The Leadership Board includes members selected through an application process; applicants must have completed at least one Fall or Spring semester at Denver Seminary

  • Membership term lasts one academic year (Aug-May)

  • Membership is estimated to involve about 65 hours per semester (approx 3-5 hours per week)

  • The full scholarship covers about 3 hours of tuition

Functions & Responsibilities
  1. Student Outreach: SLB members assist Student Life with key events throughout the year. Additionally each member of the SLB will focus on a specific sub-demographic of the student body (i.e. singles, married, international students, etc.) and work to enrich their experience by facilitating connection opportunities, resources, and events.

  2. New Student Care: Each SLB member functions as a "host" to an assigned group of incoming students each semester.

  3. Institutional Representation: Each Board member will sit an an academic committee held by the seminary's administration.

Who is currently on the SLB?

You can find our current Student Leadership Board members here!

Applications come out in Spring!  Keep an eye on this page for updates.

For questions, contact us at